Renova + is a GLOBAL NETWORK OF MISSIONARY LEADERS whose purpose is to deliver aid tools to the local Church, in order for each Community to know and put into action their Charisms, revitalizing spaces that are seed for a Permanent Mission.


Through an EVANGELIZATION STRATEGY that involves Leadership as a true calling, Kerygma as a starting point, Formation as a continuation of the Path of Holiness and Discipleship, and Local Work as a field of action; Renova + optimizes each local situation and sets the foundations for a local projection as Universal Missionary Church.


Contribute from a concrete help of Evangelization, Formation and Mission to the Universal Church from a Parish level, with Diocesan jurisdiction. Achieve a transversal revitalization impact in the different Pastorals. Contribute to the Parish and Diocese with tools and equipment of people committed to the path of Local Service. Awaken Charisms of Permanent Mission so that this work can be expanded to a Global level. Renova + feels a call from God to carry out this Global Purpose. It finds in the fulfillment of its call a gift that it treasures as a way of Holiness and the fulfillment of its existence. Renova + siente un llamado, de parte de Dios, a llevar adelante este Propósito Global. Encuentra en la realización de su llamado un regalo que atesora como camino de Santidad y realización de su existencia.

MOTTO 2020 | 2022

God's love always finds us, challenges us, comes face to face with us. The love of God is the promise come true, it is Jesus who tells us: "I am, the Truth, the Way and the Life." That same Jesus who gets into our boat to protect us from the great storm, to teach us the way of Faith and a future of Hope. So do not be afraid, because I am with you; Do not be distressed, because I am your God. I will strengthen you, I will help you and I will support you with my mighty right hand "Isaiah 41, 10 In this way, on the way to trienno 20 | 22, Jesus is our Captain! In truth it will never cease to be, but we want to focus on the idea of ​​a Jesus who surprises us at every step, who shows us the true path and we are able to say "Yes!" even without knowing what the destination port will be. Simply trusting that our Captain has everything under control. De esta manera, en camino al trieño 20|22, Jesús es nuestro Capitán! En verdad nunca dejará de serlo, pero queremos enfocar la idea de un Jesús que nos sorprende a cada paso, que nos muestra el verdadero camino y nosotros somos capaces de decir “Sí!” aun sin saber cual será el puerto de destino. Simplemente confiando que nuestro Capitán lo tiene todo bajo control.